PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray For my Uncle
  • I anyone could please pray for my uncle. He's got an unhealthy appetite for porn and I think one day it might just pass along to my nephew who I love like a little brother. This is the same uncle who years ago for my birthday presented me box full of porn. (we're talking a box the size of a television set here) this same uncle also took me out to a strip club and hired dancers for me. I will not lie to you I enjoyed myself at the time but this man has no idea what depths I later sank to and how hard I am trying to move away from that. I have no Idea how my aunt puts up with it, she's a fairly religious woman herself. CrushedWife if you are out there please help me understand. I am dumbfounded and maybe you could allow some insight into this for me.  I had to visit him today and at the end of the night he came back to me with another offer for a visit to the strip club, there was an awkward silence and a polite refusal, and I drove off. On the drive home memories of that very same box, unceremoniously dumped  somewhere off the side of the road. Please pray that he understand the words I want to tell him but feel unable to speak.

  • dewdedewde March 2007

    FF:You got my prayers bro. Take your time and role-play what you want to say to him. Narrow it down to one concept and keep going back to that one thing. peace|dewde 

  • dedawarddedaward March 2007

    I will pray for you as well.

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