• whitmajjwhitmajj March 2007

    Getting over pornography, havn't watched it in nearly a month or longer.  Need strength for my family.  Also in the navy and coming up for advancement exam, it would really help with the financial problems. Josh

  • jtollesonjtolleson February 2012

    Hey my name is josh. I was addicted to porn for over 16 years. God has truly delivered me of that addicitive spirit. Would love to talk bro. My personall email is josh_ tolleson@yahoo.com

  • uthleadruthleadr April 2012

    Josh...tackle Matthew 16! Go on the offensive my friend. There is no other way...

  • Bestgirl07Bestgirl07 April 2012

    I been doing it all since 7, In my life, I stuff it a.d stuff it. I made it dorment in my life. Untill counseling. I denied how bad and now I seem to keep relasping. How do u put boundries o.
    on what u are doing.

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2012

    what does "I stuff it a.d stuff it" mean?

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