GENERAL: Accountability - Mentor or Peer?
  • garyinTCgaryinTC February 2012

    I am currently accountable to two very good friends of mine, but they don't struggle with sexual sin (it used to be an issue for them but they've overcome it) like I do. Is it better to have accountability partners who are currently struggling or ones who are walking in victory? Does it matter either way? Sometimes it seems hard for them to relate because they are not dealing with it anymore. Granted, it could just be the way we do accountability. Anyways, I just wanted to see what your opinions were. Thanks!

  • eastcoasteastcoast February 2012

    I've read that wives or girlfriends don't always make good AP's because it's too emotional of an issue for them. Someone who has been through it and "overcome", would likely be best candidate... you're fortunate to have two, many people can't find anyone to help. I would only question two things: Did they overcome this while single using the same method as you, assuming that you're single? or did they get married? or did they simply get too old to care about sex as much? In other words, I'm wondering if they believe in the accountability approach to this challenge.

    They should be compassionate, but tough enough to ask the hard questions and provide some good insights on things like how to watch out for triggers, how to handle stress, anger, etc. without self-medicating, and how to deal with male sexual health in general.

  • becominwhole10becominwhole10 February 2012

    "...For it is the doom of men that they forget..."

    I don't understand how your friends sometimes have a hard time relating...empathy and compassion, Grace and Truth, entail humility...remembering where one was before in their struggles usually helps that real well!

    I think it's more important to have friends who are humble, earnest, walking in Grace and Truth...whether they are victorious or not so much is not as important...I've had plenty of time around "overcomers" who were not blessings to me much at all...conversely, I've met some guys who were not as "victorious" in terms of "Days Sober", but they exhibited other character qualities that helped me forge ahead and heal in deeper ways...

  • SXDXCXSXDXCX March 2012

    Accountability is a JOKE for me. Everybody whom knows me knows I like porn. Porn isn't the most productive thing I can be doing with my time...BUT...if anything...I wouldn't mind giving X3 PURE a shot...because accountability partners don't amount to anything to me.

    Yes, I'm watching porn. What was I thinking???? I'm thinking...I like sex! I'm human.

    I should be job hunting...but it's too damn cold outside and the job market sucks. I should have made >SDC< business cards and networked myself at AVN in Vegas.

  • 7seeker7seeker March 2012

    @SXDXCX "I should be job hunting...but it's too damn cold outside and the job market sucks. I should have made >SDC< business cards and networked myself at AVN in Vegas.", " Yes, I'm watching porn."

    Reminds me of a song.

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