GENERAL: What Music Do You Got On??
  • Maybe it's a silly discussion thread, but since almost everybody loves music and music has been of the most important tools in my healing from porn addiction, I thought it'd be fun to mention what you're listening to at any given moment...for inspiration and encouragement...or to compare notes and make suggestions.

  • I've been listening to a lot of praise & worship music every day to get my spirit/subconscious filled with the Word and the Lord, but today, for some random reason, I put on some 70's rock/pop....the Brady Bunch(?!), Bread, Carly Simon, Carole King and some Creedence....the bluesy, folksy soul of these singers (maybe not the Brady Bunch, they just sang some sweet hippie-style ballads) really ministered to me...Thank You, Lord!

  • Five Finger Death Punch at the moment.

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    Was listening to some Hillsong praise & worship music, and now a Josh Groban / Russell Watson mix.

    I like 70's rock/pop - Jr.High and Sr.High years. Sometimes have that playing on my computer.
    I don't think I've heard of Five Finger Death Punch... Heavy Metal?

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    Robert Randolph does uplifting tunes (Going in the Right Direction) (I Need More Love ) (2003) (Thrill of It)

    We love him in the "hood".

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @eastcoast, @fahrenheit680 Thanks for posting the links.

    I like a wide variety of music, with a few exceptions.
    Here's what I was just listening to: Michael Buble - Crazy Love

  • @feline99...I've been listening to Hillsongs every day, but the 70's grabbed me earlier...I introduced my parents to Russell Watson years ago, and my dad was hooked...until Bocelli. I like some Buble, except the video kills it for me...what is he wearing an undershirt with a vest? made that video?..... :o

  • @fahrenheit680...checked out Five Finger Death the song :] ....I was just yesterday listening to War of Ages, Disciple, P.O.D., Pillar, Lengsel,, you can throw more suggestions my way :]

  • @eastcoast....Thanks for the links...I dig "Going in the Right Direction" the most...the band has great energy and spirit!, I've never heard of him, so I appreciate the edumucation :O

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    i have listened to everyting today . cassie is a good song.

  • @becominwhole10, if you like Five Finger then check these bands out also:

    Power Man 5000
    Killswitch Engage

    all excellent bands along the same lines

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Yes, I wondered about what he was wearing, too. :) Not his usual look! :D

  • @fahrenheit680....I will if you will check out the bands I listed! ( I have a CD of Power Man 5000, decent...and is it Otep or did you mean Opeth? I have "Blackwater Park"...I like "Dirge for November" ....)

  • @feline99...I like Buble's songs from "Down With Love"...have you seen that?.....a very cool movie :] His version of "Kissing a Fool" was so good, I played it each day for weeks...

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Yes, I've seen that one... loved it. :) I just pulled up that song & listened: Nice!

  • Rob121212Rob121212 April 2011

    How do you guys feel about Christians listening to secular music?

    I stray away from hip hop but I like rock and pop.

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @Rob121212 Looking at those of us that have posted, it looks like we're all good with it. IMO I don't see why God would have a problem with us singing about other aspects of life besides Him. Growing up, I wasn't allowed to listen to secular music, though I did out of the house. I could never understand that! I listen most to Christian music, but not because I think other music is a sin. Sometimes, you just want to enjoy other songs - like on a date. Listening to praise & worship music on a romantic date would seem kind of awkward to me... :D

  • Music that reflects "Christian" values is what I stress...other than "gray area" music...I have tons of so-called "New Age" music because the genre is so broad that it has encompassed Christian musicians to actual New Age believers.....John Fischer impacted me years ago by writing about how music that reflects a non-believer's spiritual search for God is still "Christian" in that we all have our journeys and that our Lord is involved in these stories....I like his open-minded approach....of course, I can understand that if someone came from a heavy, drug-addicted background listening to Black Metal, then converted to Christ, I could see s/he moving on to a very different taste in music.....I still love Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Paul Hardcastle, James Brown, 80's Hair Metal!

    The great thing today is that there are strong, respectable Christian artists in various genres to worship God through their artistic pursuits as well as be a "light in the darkness"....Hip-Hop: Gospel Gangstaz; T-Bone; P.O.D. ......Metal: Admonish; Avian; Cage; Mortification ...........Goth: Paramaecium; Virgin Black; My Silent Wake; Saviour Machine Hard Rock: Pillar; Disciple; War of Ages Indie: The Danielson Familye; Sufjan Stevens; Pedro the Lion; Starflyer 59!!

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    I am sensitive to the "feel" or "spirit" of the music... If it feels dark or disturbing I shy away from it. If the artist is screaming like he's possessed by Satan, that is an obvious non-starter. If the lyrics are disturbing, the same... turn it off... and especially if its an "earworm" song.... one I know that I won't get out of my head for a couple days... hate that. If the music and lyrics are upbeat, then I tend to like it. But there are many sad songs that I like as well and pop tunes. I like classical, especially Mozart and baroque.

    I'm not aware of one Christian band that I like. The only Christian artist that I can think of right now, that I like is Phil Keaggy. I've seen him in small concerts twice, but never with a full band, that would be sweet. Paul Clark is an old fave too. Bob Dylan goes without saying.

    When praise and worship music went commercial, they lost me. I think Contemporary Christian music should encompass every aspect of human life, not just praise tunes. Even our hymnals have more variety than what's offered on the radio. There are SOME wonderful exceptions, but much of it is hackneyed, predictable, unscriptural pablum. The musical style is usually nearly unbearable. I can't stand to listen to it. I've been a spirit-filled Christian for 35 years and and a bible teacher for most of the last 15 years. If you can send me links to some good Southern Rock style christian music i would like that... or anything bluesy or psychedelic. I've already sent links here to Robert Randolph family band. But, seriously, send me links to Christian music an old guy like me would like.

  • @eastcoast....Hey, "old guy"....I'll see what I can do...if I run across any funky, bluesy, psychedelic stuff with some "Christ" in it, then I'll link you up! :] { Every listen to the Rance Allen Group...older stuff was mix of funk/gospel/blues...excellent...I think they came on the scene at Wattstax }

    I appreciate the sensitivity to something feeling "dark or disturbing"....I have a similar sensitivity, I just hope that we Christians are roaming in the freedom of the Lord to enjoy the land in regards to music, let alone our sexuality! This gets back to those with a different temperament or different conscience than'd probably outright think that some of my music is so dark or "growly" like a demon, but these are still bands that love the Lord and convey their art and message with primitive snarling or grinding guitar riffs or dark dirge. I love it! I am ministered to deep in my spirit and am inspired or encouraged...or just "met." My point is that one might criticize such music as not being of the "Spirit" when it might absolutely be! One's taste is not the only spiritual discernment of what is "good," in other words....not saying you were definitely intimating that...thought I'd throw two more cents into the mix.

  • Late Friday night I got some Luna Halo "Hang On To You" on...great version, better than Delirious?' DC Talk's "Consume Me" with their rip-off of Seal in the intro, but still a beautiful song..."One More Song for You" by the Katinas...earlier I was getting fed by "Freedom" by Simply Red and "For My Good" by Walter Hawkins....just gotta testify that feline99 and eastcoast prayed for me and this music helped to keep my soul strong when I was tempted to check out some porn....there IS something to feeding the soul and spirit with truth, love and grace. Another night down! :]

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 It's great to know God answered our prayers & helped you stay strong and resist temptation last night! Good for you, too, for music choices to feed the soul & spirit... I love "One More Song for You" - Imperials used to sing that a loooong time ago, too.

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    I'm playing a song by Doyle Tucker, who was a music minister at the church I attended in Tulsa. I dedicate this song to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

    another one I liked was this one:

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    found Dylan's Slow Train Coming online Extra points for those who recognize the lead guitarist without looking it up. 1979. Singing "Gotta Serve somebody" at the Grammy's 1980.

  • SuricouRavenSuricouRaven April 2011

    Music? I have my window open. The birds provide me something to listen to.

    As, unfortunately, do the cars.

  • @eastcoast....My friend just brought up "Slow Train Coming" yesterday when we met...I bought it years ago for my father, who loved it...a very good CD! ( My best amateur-guess for the guitarist is B.B. King ) Now, you got me in the mood for the!.....That must have been nice to have Doyle Tucker as your music minister.....did you check out The Rance Allen Group at all?

  • @SuricouRaven....Yeah, the Byrds were pretty cool.... :]

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @eastcoast Thanks for the music links. :) I haven't listened yet, but will. Actually, Bob Dylan isn't really my cup of tea... :)

    The sounds of nature is beautiful "music." I have a few cd's of nature sounds, some have classical music with it, others are just the sounds - ocean surf is my favorite, also a stream, rain, etc.

  • @feline99...agree with you about nature CD's, I have a mini-collection myself...but some companies/studios put out some real garbage, in fact, I picked up some "nature" CD's of 60 minutes of Mozart set to garbage truck pick-ups, "The Brandenburg Concertos" set to Tyrone Biggums going through his afternoon hustle, or Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" while riding along with hobos sneaking on to The Union Pacific....gotta be extra careful what you purchase, could get taken! :O

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    I haven't had any music playing yet today, but for some reason, the Elton John song "Little Jeannie" has been playing in my head.

    ...You are kidding me, right? :D

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    @becominwhole10 I checked out a few Rance Group songs I liked what I thought were their older tunes.

    There's an amateur Christian Blues band that used to play around here. They do Christian parodies of songs... "Sweet Home in the Kingdom", "Crossroads", "All My Christian Friend are coming Over tonight". (There's a player at the very bottom left corner.)

    Good guess, but no, the guitarist has that distinctive style of Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits..(another fave.)

    Your joking about Tyrone and the brandenburg right?

    Samples from "Saved" album:

    Here's a pretty, but sad song:

  • @ec....ok, I'm catching your style more....I met up with my AP and his good friend one time for coffee and the latter was waxing nostalgic and going off on Mark Knopfler...I appreciated his joy, but promptly told him: "No. I don't like him." It was affectionate, but blunt....Knopfler is not my cup of tea...but I looked up some Blues artists on Amazon and found that I have to check out more of Muddy Waters and Albert, in a roundabout way, thanks!

    You haven't heard Tyrone set against The Brandenburg are missing out!....(kidding) :]

    That's a cool site by Dylan....still like "Slow Train..." more..."Every Grain..." sounds good

  • @feline99....look it up....but don't buy it!

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Hmmm... Tried looking, but I don't find anything. You're too good at weaving stories... I don't know if you're kidding me or serious!

  • jested... :o

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 I knew it!! But just in case, I searched anyway! Okay, you got me on that one, lol! :O

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    DOes feline99 want to watch Tyrone Biggums drink Red balls energy drink?

  • Yeah, feline99...check out the new sensation!

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @eastcoast, @becominwhole10 Yes, I watched it, lol! :0)

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    May day, may day ...!

  • I still crack up over the baby crying, the mom desperately needing help, so Tyrone to the rescue....for the tape deck!! lol

  • Battled some moodswings of depression, then light-heartedness, then, I've been listening to some Walter Hawkins Family Gospel and Michael W. Smith helps to bolster the emotions as well as to fend off any attacks of the Enemy ( Of course, the encouragement of friends here continues to help bear the burdens! :] )

  • This mornin' I have my Metal Worship Playlist on: some old school Thresher - "Death to Asherah"; Whitecross - "Enough is Enough"; Barren Cross - "Rock to the King"...then some recent, heavier (White) Metal from Vardoger - "Footprints of Thunder" and "Silent Witness"... :o

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 I especially like the Michael W. Smith worship cd's. Music always has ministered to my soul when depressed and sometimes even having a hard time praying.
    No music on yet today... Hmm...I'll have to think of what to listen to.

  • @feline99...How 'bout The Cathedrals - Live at the Rest Home! .....just a thought :O

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 :O) Live at the Rest Home...! hee hee hee... If I was a Southern Gospel fan, The Cathedrals are good. But no... I'm not a Southern Gospel gal... :O

  • @feline99....ok, another suggestion...How about anything by 101 Strings Orchestra...they are rather "Hip!"....true confessions?....I came to the office and am in crunch mode this week to get my AND the business taxes postmarked by, why not turn on some Muzak-Friendly 101 Strings??...I'll take a helping of cheese with that adult pop shopping music!! :O

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Sounds like it would be good office music... :) Here's something I might listen to for a while:
    Sam Levine - Sax (no..not sex...) for the spirit "I Go to the Rock"
    I might need something livelier this afternoon to get myself working, though!

  • @feline99...Yes, the SAX could help! ;] This is what I've been listening to at the office:

  • @feline99...actually, not the samba version!....found this how time's have changed!

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