• It was kind of a slow day, discussion-wise, so I thought I'd start this thread for anyone who wants to write or ramble on about case you want to just get something off your chest (traffic, the store clerk calling you "dude", whatever.....) I've found that just writing itself is helpful in getting thoughts out of my system, and all the more cool if someone else connects with me in the process....anything helps during "Healing from Sex Addiction Time!"

    So, I'll start.......uhhhhhhhhhhhh...oh, yeah, I have a small pet peeve when a cafe is supposed to close and they either boot you out of there 5 minutes early, or worse, start vacuuming 10-15 minutes before and it is so loud you can't even hear your friend talking....sheessssh!

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    My prt peeve is putting stero types on me

  • Like what kind of stereotypes? I mean, I'm tall, so when people assume that I played basketball, it kind of peeves me...but this stereotype of me is TRUE!!!

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    im very sweet so very on things that i have no problems. with the cutting people think that i do it for attention which i dont do.

  • some people think since you're sweet you have no problems while the cutters think you cut for the attention? Yeah, everybody's got you pegged wrong, then....except for me! I think since you're sweet that you like ice that's a crazy stereotype if I've ever heard one!? ....On a serious note, how did the cutting people misunderstand you?...I hope it's ok to ask...don't mean to hurt/offend you....if it's too personal, then I understand...

  • SuricouRavenSuricouRaven April 2011

    My code doesn't work. It should work. It does work, under linux - but when I compile exactly the same code with a different compiler to use on windows, it doesn't work. The program appears to complete correctly, but the output is corrupted.

    I suspect the problem lies in the _fseeki64() call not doing it's job, but the return value is zero.

  • whossssshhhhhhhhhh (the sound of a jet flying over my head)....sorry, I can't give even 1 cent to you on this topic, S.R......eastcoast, where are you?!!

    Sorry-Ass Lame Attempt to Help: Is that "code" talk for: "My computer ain't working properly?"

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Good topic idea!

    Yes!! Stereotypes are a pet peeve of mine, too! I was going to name one of mine, but I have a feeling, it could be used by people here :D to try and make this feline's fur stand on end!!!

    Here's a couple other peeves: 1) Not being listened to in a group conversation (in person, not here...) because I have a quiet voice and I'm a good listener. Do I have to be loud and rude to get people to listen to me?!! 2) Rudeness - What has happened to civility in how people relate to each other? A generalization, I know... not everyone is that way. But an example: Because of our freedom of speech in the U.S., I think that people use that right to spew venom over people they don't agree with - because it's their "right" to. Yes, we're free to say what we want, but would it hurt to use that freedom with a bit of civility? Free speech seasoned with a dash of grace.

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    I'm clueless on whatever coding SR is working on, but I can identify with making webpages that look wonderful on my computer, but look crappy on another one or a different platform. I'm sure there are online forums to help SR . I noticed that there are commands that go between the ( ) on this sample:

    Pet Peeve: Store clerks who drum their fingers while a customer finds their money. Customers who don't have their money ready. People who get in drive-thru at McDonald's not knowing what they want. Being banned without warning. Age discrimination in hiring. Blind links from one advertising site to another. My Spam filter allowing nigerian and other scam offers to keep coming thru.

  • amcamc April 2011

    @feline99, ditto the rudeness! When did *that* ever become acceptable behavior?

    1) people who use their car horn when they aren't in danger (obviously, I don't live in a major city) :).

    2) Sour bath towels. Gah!

    3) When one of my babies has a really gross diaper and there is no one there for me to call "not it!" to even though I've already changed about a dozen of these today.

    4) When I open the dishwasher after it has run and find it has only sprayed gunk all over what should have been clean dishes by now.

    5) When I put a lot of work into a dinner recipe and find the taste to be really sub par.

  • @feline99....I've observed that before...when a group is dominated by a couple of excited "loud-mouths" that are off and rolling about a topic that the quiet, shy types are sitting there almost stressed out, wondering if there is a remote chance left to get in the conversation at, I've been guilty of being one of those "loud-mouths"....woops! ( If it helps any, I would leave that fun conversation feeling guilty for having dominated it and not including more people :} )

    Rudeness/Lack of Civility: I totally agree...the catch is that as much as our nation prides itself on Free Speech there also has been an aspect of penalized speech...Hate Speech. Did you hear about Westboro Baptist's Speech being cleared recently in Supreme Court, was it? As hurtful as their speech is, the Court still upheld that they can have their views...and as much as it embarrasses me as a Christian and disgusts me I would fight for their right to free speech in our nation.

  • that's a handful! I do get worked up at clerks that give customers (me!) a bad time by being impatient (it's just that it takes time to count 100 pennies out accurately!!?) variation of people not having their money ready is at toll booths (a lonnnnnnggg line is forming for that one person that just can't seem to find their money...hmmmm) thru NOT-know-it-alls are fodder for comedy sketches! (SNL?)..."being banned without warning" (not gonna touch that!)...age discrimination is so frustrating, especially when a 14 year-old kid genius replaces a 50 year-old programmer...What's wrong with ads and Nigerians? Isn't it flattering "they" thought of you?? :p

  • @amc

    ** When I was in eastern europe the drivers would use their horn as their MAJOR mode of communication..."Hey", "I'm here", "Whoa, that was close"...annoying, but funny!
    ** My bath towels taste sweet...sour doesn't sound so great, I agree :}
    ** You are a Diaper Changing Machine!
    ** I have NEVER had a dishwasher...ever...have only hand-washed...I know, I am so behind the, I envy your gunked dishes lifestyle!
    ** Ah, yes...the ways I relate are: when I made cookies and they weren't done yet, so I sat down for a bit until they were over-baked!!...or my semi-gourmet pizza recently seemed like it needed another couple of minutes, but when I pulled it out it was now too crispy and the cheese almost dry...MAJOR bummer, but funny :D

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10, @eastcoast Don't even get me started on the Nigerian scammers!!! Like the Nigerian dating site scammer who tried to get $500 from me...

    eastcoast... People who get mad at "People who get in drive-thru at McDonald's not knowing what they want" lol! Sometimes we need to see the menu first!! Oh, that webpage design irks me, too.

    becominwhole10... So you're one of THEM! The people who don't let people like me talk! Lol, that's okay. That's why I prefer getting together with 1,2 maybe 3 other people at one time. It's much easier for me to talk and enjoy myself. :) About freedom of speech, I'd defend it, too, just wish people wouldn't use it abusively.

    I'm afraid I'm one of those driver's who's been known to use the horn purely out of anger.... or to say, "Hey watch it, you (#&#)&*$" I know... not very nice of me... I'm not in a big city now, but most of my life, I have been.

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    Wow, this topic is hopping!!! Lots of pent-up peeves!

  • @feline99 I would suggest just being bold in those moments to catch everyone's attentoin. There is a big difference between being bold and being a jerk. I know because I had to learn how to do this because I am very laid back but also strongly opinionated.

    I would try to compile the function/method separately to see if it compiles and also runs properly by itself.

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    i dislike when the gas station attented hufs and puffs when i dont have the money ready, but there is no one else at the station

  • SuricouRavenSuricouRaven April 2011

    My new theory regarding the bug is that windows and linux handle caching differently. The program needs to read the file it writes without closing it, so it might be reading data before it's flushed.

  • I think the caches are compiling similarly, but the files configure along different continuums...there is a more user-friendly interface available, though, that aligns languages along algorithms that extrapolate varied functions.....blah, blah, blahhhhhh...I don't know what the @#$% I am talking about.... :D

  • @feline99...I want to categorically apologize to anyone (you) that I've drowned out before...but when the subject of "Chris Farley" or "The Cowbell Sketch" or Pro-Wrestling is brought up, then you have no chance!...I mean, you are MORE than welcome to join in! Sooooo, you're one of those supposed "Quiet-Types" that are NOT so quiet behind the wheel?! Remind me to not drive in front of you...I like to actually cruise the speed limit...I know, boring, but....melllllowwww :]

  • @alex13...but you were holding up the line!...oh....sorry :]

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Hey - I'm not a speed demon or anything... I'm law-abiding withing 5 mph. My honking comes out when people do stupid things.

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    @becomingwhole10 i am not holding the line up no one is there

    i agree with you honk to let people know they are driving crazy.

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    @becominwhole10 We all thank you for starting this thread... gives us a chance to let off steam, even facetiously at one another... even SuricouRaven may benefit from this thread! Tell me there's no God! and LOL @ your attempt to explain programming to the programmers.

    And don't get me started on dishwashers... fights with ex over improper loading causing very unsatisfactory results... and @amc I didn't know about the "not it" rule.. that could've come in handy

    Weird... i had a nap earlier... @alex13 I dreamed about someone changing lanes across three lanes of traffic without a turn signal, me honking at them and them "shooting the bird" in return...

  • @eastcoast...You are all VERY's already paying off...your dream (or nightmare?!) gave me a good laugh for the day :O

  • @alex13...I know...I was just kidding :o

    Re: the honking thing...on the west coast it seems like the most OFFENSIVE thing to do...honk at someone, even if they are about to hit you...they still manage to get ticked off at you...I mean, c'mon!

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    @becominwhole i now you were kidding

  • Update: driving to meet a friend today...a man just taking his time through the crosswalk and it was a red light for him....hate that! many points do I get if I hit him?...oh, yeah, this ain't Xbox!!

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @eastcoast Lol'ing at your nightmare!! :D
    I'm glad you understand me honking!
    When I was still living out there (West Coast) I was driving up I-5 towards Portland, and passed someone (a MAN driver, BTW) reading a BOOK while he drove!! Book propped on his steering wheel!

  • @feline99...If it was the Bible, then it was ok! :o

  • SuricouRavenSuricouRaven April 2011

    It works. I threw in a few more fflush() calls, and discovered that - to my utter amazement - the Microsoft implimentation of printf() is broken.

    printf("This number, %d, and this number, %d\n", a, b); //FAIL. Second number always prints as zero.
    printf("This number, %d, and", a);printf(" this number, %d\n", b) //No FAIL. It works.

    Note that exactly the same code worked perfectly on gcc. Only on cl/visual studio did it fail. It makes no sense.

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    @SuricouRaven THAT's what I was going to say ! wow :-P

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    i think feline99 you are going to kill me. i read my essays as i driver and i have read a book.

    but i did see something funny. i saw a cat sitting in the a drivers lap to day. sadly the cat didnt look happy .

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @alex13 Uh oh!! If I'd known, I wouldn't have said that... I'm sure you're a very responsible driver/reader... :)

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    i only do it very once in a while not all that time. i thought it was funny that im not the only one.

    why would you had said that?

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    Its dangerous to do that alex13, and we care about you, you know that and Someone else does, so maybe that's why it "came up". I've done it a little, but try to reserve that for the stoplights... The kitty probably didn't look happy because cats HATE riding in the car ... some of them go beserk .... dogs LOVE it ! Hamsters like driving Kia Soul's though.

  • @SuricouRaven...I was gonna suggest those steps to take...glad it worked like I thought it would :O

  • @alex13...Please be other words don't read and drive...I need your support/prayers too much...we ALL do here!

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    what a sec i mis typed the end of that message it should have said "why would not you said that" not what i said feline99 if you read that i was not mad at you for say that i just cant type what i am tring to .

    and @becominwhole10 ok i will stop. and thank you i feel wanted

    my old cat hated it so i was surprised to see the cat in the drivers lap.

    wow i did know i was needed that much

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @alex13 Don't worry alex13. :) When you posted that you've read while driving, I hoped that I had not offended you by telling the story of who I'd seen doing that. So I was meaning that if I had thought that any of us might have done that, I wouldn't have told it as a funny story, so no one would think they had been made fun of. Whew!! My post didn't really make sense. ALL THAT to say - this was just a series of misunderstanding each other. :D Big HUG to you!!!

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    @feline99 ok i have stopped worring now. i really dont get offened so dont worry about that with me.

  • don't get offended?...that's dangerous with feline99...and me! :p

  • alex13alex13 April 2011

    not really. everyone has the right to there opinion. and i repect that. not say that you or feline99 dont also respect peoples thoughts.

  • Got it....What I try to do out of my huge heart and with all my love is Respectfully Disrespect Others...I don't know why people get so offended...I CARE for them!?

  • eastcoasteastcoast April 2011

    "Faithful are the wounds of a friend"

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    People who know me best, wonder if something is the matter with me if I'm NOT picking on them! Some people like to "poke" this feline to get me to take a swing at them for entertainment. Of course, I oblige! They're counting on me! :O)

  • @feline99....OK...I'll try...Hi, Sprout, how's the weather dowwwwwn there? {with voice of the Green Giant} Was that a good enough "poke"? :O :O :O

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Hmm... Are you a little light-headed up there? Oxygen-deprived? :O - Sister Sprout

  • @feline99...Was Sister Sprout the opening band for Sister Sledge way back?
    I remember a concert......: Environmental Folk band, Sister Sprout opened, then
    Punk band Sister Sludge banged it out, then..........
    Disco Mavens...Sister Sledge!!

  • feline99feline99 April 2011

    @becominwhole10 Lol! :O) Yes, she was kind of a seedy act, though.. Then she went on tour with Twisted Sister...

  • @feline99...... lol... :O, Ho, Ho....Green Giant!

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