X3 PODCAST: Sending blank reports when it shouldn't....
  • awestrukawestruk January 2010

     ####I haven't got responses on 2 other forums here, so I thought I'd try this one#### Hi,I am using Mac OSX 10.4.11. Is it supported?My accountability partner gets sent blank reports even though I KNOWi've been on blatant porn sites. If I go to google or youtube and typein "Porn Porn Porn" he still gets nothing.However, on his Mac (which is 10.5.8), the aforementionedsites/searches would definitely get caught.Any idea on why mine isn't working? I tried updating it via the SystemPreferences but it said "There are no updates available for X3Watch." 

  • laxlax January 2010

    If you really want your 'accountability partner' to know you looked at porn… you could try… gosh, I don't know… talking to him perhaps? Tell him four times if you really want to get the message through.

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