GENERAL: How do I remove Xwatch from old hdd
  • PhreakyteebzPhreakyteebz November 2009

    I've had two hard disk crashes in the last three weeks and had Xwatch on all of them.  My accountability partner gets multiple emails for me and two would be on the 'dead' drives and the one is legite.  Is there a way to get the accounts removed?  Does anyone have any tricks or tips.

  • SuricouRavenSuricouRaven November 2009

    Do you mean 'how do I erase an HDD in such a way that it can never be recovered?'That's easy.Remove all the screws, remove the top cover. You'll see a stack of silvery discs.Apply a hammer to those discs.  If you want to be *REALLY* paranoid, blowtorch them too. Not even the FBI, CIA and NSA working together can retrieve data from a sufficiently blowtorched drive.

  • PolluxPollux November 2009

    How about Scotland Yard?

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