GENERAL: XXXChurch in Australia
  • BellerophonBellerophon March 2008

    I saw Craig speak twice at AGMF. He's quite a good speaker. A few points:1) He really is American. The first thing that struck me was the accent. Very strong. I suppose most Americans I meet here have been here for a while and thus mellowed a bit.2) His last name really is "Gross". I had always used a soft 'o' when I said it so it sounded like Ostridge. I can only imagine it would have provided some opportunity for teasing whilst growing up...3) I bought The Gutter and Starving Jesus.  Already finished Starving Jesus (in 3 days). Great book - I ran into quite a few people reading it like the store there was a library. I would put it up there with The Irresistable Revolution by Shane Caliborne on the recomendation metre.4) He said that a new xxxchurch web site would be going up soon. I guess this will mean a new prayer wall again. Some pics from a few rows back:Craig in Shorts and Thongs (or Sandals, Flip Flops, Pluggers or whatever you international uninformed people call them): The Porn Pannel:Craig doing a "Love God, Love Others" talk I needed to leave early: It would have been nice to say "hi" and "thanks for the site" but unfotunately I didn't get the chance. ----------

  • michmich March 2008

    maybe it have nothing to do with it but: MAN I LOVE HILLSONG !

  • Hew+FullerHew Fuller March 2008

    Do you like the Newsboys?

  • BellerophonBellerophon March 2008

    Newsboys were at AGMF. They were amazing live. The way they played the audience had thousands of people standing up and dancing for a good 1 1/2 hours.

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