GENERAL: yo-hoo? im back from a apostolic and profetic conferance! woo hoo and i wanna keep the fire
  • david33157david33157 October 2007

    ive been down the road...alot! ive fallen and rosen with no hope to try again and i think im finally making it (well the begining of a long journey) i admit it is hard duhh! ive been off MB and porn.whats really bothering me is the dirty thoughts in my head i cant control what do i do i cant help myself?

  • Hew+FullerHew Fuller October 2007

    You take your thoughts captive in the power of Christ and give them over to Him.

  • Michael37Michael37 October 2007

      You read The divine Word of God. Read Romans 12:2 and you'll see that it is impossible to clear our minds thouroghly by ourselves But if we continue to read the Word of God, The only Perfect and holy Manual to living life God's Way, the word will gradually clean our minds out. Trust me, that burning fire won't last. It will fade but the only way to live life is to Pray to our Father and to read his love letter to us every day. Whether we feel like it or not.                                        It is worth it!!!!! it He transformed my life and my mind totally He can do it to yours, too!!!!

  • david33157david33157 November 2007

    i luv u dawg! that word just edified my life, cause Im not much of a reader but im gonna start because i understand its necessary in order to live a pure life!

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