GENERAL: accountability
  • shyshy October 2007

    What is accountability and how do you get it?

  • bastayabastaya October 2007

    Accountability is the process through which an addict remains honest with him/herself by being honest with and accepting honesty from a partner designated for that purpose. Addiction thrives on darkness, secrecy, and isolation, but accountability helps keep the feelings, compulsions, and all of the other addiction issues out in the open, in the light of day. An accountability partner is someone an addict can go to in times of struggle in order to keep on the path of recovery. It is also the person who might have to confront the addict (albeit lovingly) when necessary. The accountability partner should not be someone who has been affected by the addict's choices; in other words, spouses don't make good accountability partners because they are too close to the specific situation. A trusted friend or a fellow member of a support group can be good choices. In this forum, most of us would recommend an accountability partner who is also a Christian. If you are seeking one, I have no doubt that there are several people on this site willing to help, and I would be one. Otherwise, you might look through your church or consider joining a group like Sex Addicts Anonymous or a similar church-based recovery ministry.I hope this helps! 

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